Calling all adventure-loving moms with boys who can't get enough of the outdoors! We understand that finding the perfect styles for your little skater or wave lover can be a challenge. But worry not, we've got you covered! Whether your boy is into skateboarding or surfing, we've handpicked the best brands and styles that will make him stand out on the ramps or ride the waves in style. Let's explore the perfect styles for your adventure-loving boys!

Skater Boy Style: If your boy spends hours perfecting his ollies and kickflips at the skatepark, we've got the perfect styles to match his skater spirit.

  1. Graphic Surf T-Shirts from Buho: Buho offers a range of trendy graphic surf t-shirts that combine style and comfort. From bold prints to cool surf-inspired designs, these tees will make your skater boy look effortlessly cool on and off the skateboard.

  2. Sweet Olive Street: For a touch of urban flair, check out Sweet Olive Street's collection. With their edgy graphics and street-inspired designs, your boy will rock the skatepark with confidence. From hoodies to graphic tees, Sweet Olive Street has the perfect pieces to complete your skater boy's wardrobe.

  3. Yporque: Yporque is a brand known for its innovative designs and attention to detail. Their collection features interactive graphic tees that will keep your skater boy entertained. With hidden surprises like glow-in-the-dark prints and tactile elements, Yporque adds a playful twist to skate style.

Surf Style for the Wave Lover: If your boy dreams of riding the waves and catching the perfect swell, we've got the ultimate surf styles to make his beach adventures even more epic.

  1. Sundek: Sundek has been a go-to brand for surf enthusiasts for decades. Known for their vibrant boardshorts, Sundek combines functionality and style with their quick-drying fabrics and eye-catching prints. Your wave lover will be ready to conquer the surf in Sundek's iconic designs.

  2. MC2 Saint Barths: For a touch of luxury and sophistication, MC2 Saint Barths offers premium surfwear for boys. Their collection features stylish rash guards, boardshorts, and beach accessories that exude elegance. Let your young surfer make a fashion statement both in and out of the water with MC2 Saint Barths.

  3. Hundred Pieces: Hundred Pieces is a brand that captures the essence of surf culture with its laid-back, beachy style. From their relaxed-fit t-shirts to their comfortable boardshorts, Hundred Pieces offers versatile pieces that are perfect for your little wave rider. Let him embrace the surf lifestyle with these effortlessly cool designs.

No matter if your boy is a skater or a surfer, finding the perfect styles for his adventurous spirit is now easier than ever. From the graphic surf t-shirts by Buho, Sweet Olive Street, and Yporque for your skater boy to the surf styles by Sundek, MC2 Saint Barths, and Hundred Pieces for the wave lover kid, these brands have got your boy covered. So, let your little adventurer express his style and passion for outdoor fun with these trendy and functional clothing options. Get ready to watch him shred the ramps or catch the waves in style!


June 05, 2023 — Regina Miyar